Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Age of the Roomba!

I've been feeling rather down and depressed lately. Don't know why. I've just been so tired this last week. Typically I can shake it off after a few hours, but this time the depression has latched on pretty tight! I hope it's something simple that I can easily fix, like a carbon-monoxide leak from the water heater! Heh! I wish I could just press Ctrl-Alt-Del and do a complete reboot (I find it helpful when my PC gets jacked up... maybe it could work on me!) LOL!

Anyways, I've found a little device that has brought me a bit of joy over the last few days... the Roomba! This thing is a robot that travels around a room and vacuums it. When it comes into contact with an object that it cannot move, it goes around it. Best of all, you never have to worry about its power... when it feels it needs more power, it will return to its base on its own to recharge.

I found myself mezmorized by the Roomba for about an hour today at work. I'm pretty sure that do to my current emotional state, I could literally watch this thing vacuum all day! It's just so soothing to watch... kinda like fish in an aquarium. I definitely need to get one of these things! They are so cool!


lgl said...

No, the roomba obsession does not have to do with depression. Alex and I both had (and coninue to have to a lesser degree) a simular relationship of awe with our roomba. We love ours, but the big problem is, you still have to keep things picked up off the floor. =[

Frank said...

I wasn't suggesting that the Roomba was making depressed... quite the opposite. I was stating how soothing it has made me feel.

Siren said...

Hey, is the Roomba like the thing in A Life Less Ordinary? The little robot that replaced Ewan Mcgregor? Haha, that was funny!

Frank said...

Oh my god!!! You're right! I totally forgot about that! I loved that movie... need to get it on DVD!