Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Ultimate Star Wars Personality Test

So I took The Ultimate Star Wars Personality Test... and surprise, surprise... I'm most compatible with Anakin Skywalker, the tragic hero who falls to darkness! LOL!

In all fairness, Anakin is my favorite character because I do relate to him the most. I freely admit that I have pretty much all of his character strengths and flaws. I just hope that when I'm presented a choice on whether or not to turn to a "darkside," that I have the fortitude to resist! Hehe!

So, what Star Wars character are you most like?


lgl said...

I am Queen Amidala.

Troy said...

That damn thing said I was Jabba the Hut, I took it again and I matched Qui-Gon Jinn, I like that one better hehe

Anonymous said...

Man, I was Luke Skywalker! That sucks! And apparently I'm dating Han Solo!

And, I can't remember my password!! So I'm now "Anonymous"

Frank said...

Laura: I think you could easily pull off a Queen Amidala.

Troy: I don't know what the hell you could have typed in the first time to get Jabba! LOL! You are a much better Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson played him... he's great!)

Jennifer: Suck it up! You've always been Luke Skywalker; however, Ron is nothing like Han Solo!!! I know he wants to think he is! LOL! :-P

Ron said...

Frankie, I WILL fuck you up, and I WILL shoot first!!!

Frank said...

Sorry Ron, but you're just not Han Solo... you're much more like C3PO (or maybe even Jar-Jar)! LOL!

Ron said...

C-3PO? Hey, I'M not the gay one!

Siren said...

Hehe, I knew my password was right, I had the wrong username!

Frank, don't mess with Ron's masculinity...he gets mean!

Frank said...

Jen, it's not my fault he's insecure... that's why he wants to be Hans Solo. Han the the most macho character in the SW universe!

If Ron is not "gay" enough to be C3PO, then Ron is simply Jar-Jar! LOL! :-P