Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Which Movie Villain Are You? has a lot of fun little personality tests. I just took the "Which Movie Villain Are You?" test located in the Quiz section, link located at the bottom right of the website. I'm going to need to try them all out!

Turns out I'd be Darth Vader. That figures... in the Ultimate Star Wars Personality Test I was Anakin Skywalker. It's only natural that my evil side should be Darth Vader. I wonder what other movie villains people could be on the test. I think it's cool that I ended up a Star Wars villain! LOL!

What movie villain are you?


Siren said...

Dude, I tried the villain test...
I WAS AGENT SMITH!! That sucks!
Ron was Tommy from Goodfellas (joe pesci) That's funny!

Frank said...

Agent Smith isn't bad! He had awesomely memorable lines (like anytime he'd say "Mr. Anderson")! Tommy from Goodfellas kinda sucks though. You should retake the test Ron... I'm sure you could be a much better movie villain! :-P