Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Buffy's Back!

While Kristy and Kimball are staying with me for the next week, I also get Buffy back home for awhile! I miss having her around! She's so sweet! I love her so much! She's better off staying with them because they can devote much more time to her than I can. I just wish I was home more and could keep her with me.

She was only about six weeks old in this picture; now she's about six months old. I have a digital camera, and I could take a current picture of her... I just don't ever use it! I'm not even really sure where I put it last! LOL!


Troy said...

Bring her to my place so she can terrorize Lucy sometime hehe :-)

Elemmaciltur said...

OMG! She's soooooo cute!!!!

Frank said...

Yeah, she's pretty adorable... and so sweet too! :-)

Yeah Troy, she gets along very well with other dogs, but I wouldn't want her to hurt Lucy by accident. Buffy is like 3 times Lucy's size. I'd feel horrible forever if something bad happened to your sweet little Lucy on account of me.