Saturday, June 25, 2005

My Day at Work

I get to bed just after 6:00am this morning. After about a two hour nap, I have to get up and go to work. Just before I get out the door, I get a call from Joe (one of my sales managers). He wants to know if I’ll return a delivery truck that we recently borrowed to a store in San Antonio.

On my trip to work, I notice I’m running quite low on gas. No problem. I’ll just pull over and get some. The problem: I forgot my wallet (hence my money) at home! Fantastic! Now I have to get home and then back to a gas station on no gas! Somehow, I am able to pull this miracle off. Disaster averted!

When I get to work, I discover that before I can bring the delivery truck San Antonio, I have to first stop by a store in north Austin (my store being located in south Austin) and pick up a TV for this San Antonio store. Fine… no problem. I get to the north store ready to pickup the TV… unfortunately, no one knows which TV I’m supposed to get. After 30 minutes of phone calls to whomever, a TV is finally selected for me to take!

Now I’m en route to San Antonio. Something just now becomes very clear to me! This truck is not carrying any XM devices! All I have is an antique deck with nothing but FM to listen to. I never realized until today just how many commercials are played throughout an hour on FM. It’s ridiculous! I heard the same commercials over and over again! Where’s the music?!

In the middle of nowhere, traffic comes to a dead stop! What’s up with this? It’s now 11:00am and on a Saturday! There should be any traffic! Apparently the interstate had a lane shut down for about a mile for construction. I probably sat there for about 40 minutes, stuck in this traffic that was not moving at all!

Once this traffic nightmare ended, I was able to resume with my journey… but not before I get a phone call for another favor. Josh now needed me to stop by the store in New Braunfels to pickup surround sound system for some customer back at our store. Did I get demoted to messenger boy for the day?!

Finally this whole mess gets finished up, and I’m able to get back to my store. I’m exhausted. Today would be a great day to go home early and go straight to bed! That didn’t happen though. I got to deal with one outlandish customer issue after another. I actually found this part of the day to be quite amusing!

One of the funnier issues involved this old couple who had purchased a complete home theater system (big screen TV, surround sound system, etc.) They say that the delivery team did not set up their system and that it’s not working. We send one of our customer service associates, Stephen, out to help this nice couple out. It turns out that the delivery team did set up everything completely. The issue was with the DVD player… when they put a movie in, it would play for about 30 seconds and then start over. They thought it was defective. No, no, no… they were watching the DVD menu. They didn’t know that they had to push play to watch the movie.

Later on, another one of my customer service associates, Jonathon, notified me that he could not locate a piece of merchandise in the warehouse. Upon entering the warehouse to help locate this missing merchandise, I find that our new warehouse associate, Derek, is driving our stockpicker like a lunatic! He almost hits me, but instead runs the picker straight into some shelving that I just had repaired.

At this point, I’m leaving! I’m too tired to care anymore! As I pull into my driveway, I become conscious of the fact that I left my store keys back at the store. I live 30 miles away from the store. I’m not going back. I’ll just have to find them sometime tomorrow!

All in all, I'd have to say that this is a pretty normal day for me. LOL!

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