Monday, July 18, 2005

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

The first DVD set to officially hit the market is a "10 Best Episode" 2 DVD set from the original 1983 series. The He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Best 10 Episode Collector's Edition arrived at my store on Tuesday, July 12, 2005 (of course I purchased the first one we had)... I haven't really had time to watch it yet. I have to stay overnight at work while contractors install our new P.O.S. (piece of shit, er.. point of sale... what's the difference?) I'll watch it in our breakroom that we transformed into a theater tonight... nice size screen... it's about 25-30 ft!

A poll taken at, the most powerful He-Man fansite in the universe, and was used to determine the 10 episodes which would be published on this 2-DVD set. The top 5 episodes from Season 1 and the top 5 from Season 2 were chosen to occupy the digital realm of this release, along with many extras Here are the complete contents of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Best 10 Episode Collector's Edition, counting down the episodes to the most favorite ones from the polls:

Disc 1 (Best of Season 1):
#5: "Evilseed"
#4: "Quest for He-Man"
#3: "Prince Adam No More"
#2: "Diamond Ray of Disappearance"
#1: "Teela's Quest"

Disc 2 (Best of Season 2):
#5: "Into the Abyss"
#4: "Teela's Triumph"
#3: "To Save Skeletor"
#2: "The Problem with Power"
#1: "Origin of the Sorceress"

Special Features:
Two brand-new documentary featurettes with a variety of talent involved in the making of the original series, including voice-over actors, artists, and those working behind the scenes.

Two 4" x 6" exclusive He-Man art cards, by Bruce Timm and Adam Hughes.

Trivia and "fun facts" about the creation of He-Man

Upcoming releases trailer

Beginning this fall, BCI Eclipse will begin releasing the complete, 130 episode series in multi-disc "season" box sets, each including an abundance of extras that, altogether, will make up the most comprehensive collection of extras ever produced for a classic animation DVD series. I can't wait!


celtgirl said...

So you work? You can add blogs faster than any one I know.
Vegas next week, did you decide you were going or not?

Frank said...

LOL! I do about 75% pf my blogging with my cell phone.

I can't go... I have to visit stores in the district and verify that they are prepared for mid-year physical inventory.

drunkbh said...

I must admit that I will be first in line to buy the complete set. I never outgrew cartoons.

Ron said...

teela is HOT!

Frank said...

Teela has the same outfit that Leia has on Jabba's barge!