Sunday, July 24, 2005

On Top Of The World

People always seem to need to see me for one reason or another at work… never really have anytime to do the stuff I need to do… always working on solutions for other people’s issues and problems. Sometimes it’s just so difficult to get away from all the pandemonium and unruliness that is retail. At times like this, I find that the roof is a fantastic venue of solitude. The access is quite restricted and it has a beautiful view!

It's one of my favorite places to think. I'm always feel so miserable that I'm alone (and will probably always be), but when I'm up here by myself, being alone doesn't feel so bad (that is until I come down and return to reality.) From up here I can observe the tragedy I call life and feel comfortable in the fact that there are somethings that are simply out of my control! Things seem so clear up here.

The Austin skyline is barely visible from this distance.

As Matt & Beverlee return from lunch, they spot me on the roof.

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Victor said...

Human existence is one without meaning.