Thursday, July 28, 2005

Strike First, Strike Hard, Show No Mercy!

In the famous scene of the Karate Kid when we find out Mr. Miyagi is a karate expert, he saves Daniel by beating the shit out of the Cobra Kai. He does so using knees to the stomach on two of them, a groin kick on another, and finally on Johnny he flips him over and karate-chops him. The next day in school though, the Cobra Kai are shown with their new injuries in places where they were never attacked. Johnny has a black eye and Tommy has a sling on his shoulder to name a few. What the hell's up with this.

Speaking of which, didn't you just love the Cobra Kai? They were like an Aryan Karate Machine? Why hasn't anyone opened a chain of Cobra Kai karate studios across America? If you were studying karate, wouldn't you want to study at the Cobra Kai dojo? Couldn't they at least sell the Cobra Kai karate outfits online? Has there ever been a better team nickname/movie homage than Cobra Kai?

As you may be able to tell, I was bored and just got done watching this movie... haven't seen it in years!

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Serenity said...

That is one of my favorite movies, a classic in my mind. I wonder if that is a real type of karate? I guess that's a job for google. I will kick ass now!