Saturday, July 16, 2005

Who Needs Luck?!

Many of friends frequently tell me that I have the worst luck. I do have some pretty rotten luck quite often (doesn't everyone though)... however I know that I don't have the worst luck. Keith has the worst luck (at least the worst of anyone I know!)

I hired Keith about 8 months ago. Josh and I first came across Keith at TGIFridays up in Round Rock. He was an outstanding waiter and had a great personality. He gave Josh liquor (though Keith probably wasn't aware that Josh was underage at the time), and he hung out with us and listened to our horror stories of retail each night. He expressed interest in working with us, so I hired him. He is probably one of the best sales associates in the store!

This happened a couple months ago... Keith's pos car broke down on mopac (been there done that)... it got towed. He didn't have the money at the time to get it out. Two weeks go by... the cost to get out has now exceeded the worth of the car. He just left it and is now without a car.

To get by without his car, Keith moved closer to the store (he lived way the hell up north near Josh and myself.) Joe, one of my sales managers, lent Keith his bicycle... so now Keith rides the bike to and from work each day. Not a bad means of transportation as long as the sun isn't out. It's been hot like hell this summer! At least he's not forced to put up with these outrageous gas prices that the rest of us do (it's extortion I tell you!)

Keith has also had several unfortunate encounters with the law over the couple months as well. He has such bad luck with police that he's had a lawyer on retainer for the last two years! He just doesn't have very good luck... way too many stories to tell... up till recently.

Keith was just offered a job as an assistant sales manager at CompUSA across the street. He'll be making much more money (maybe be able to get a new car now!) I'm really happy for him! I hope he does well over there... we'll miss him over here! As TEX would say (for those of you who have attended UT at Austin)... Good-bye and good luck!

Here's Keith after he reacquired his bike... I hid it in the warehouse. I rode it around in there while he chased after me. After I felt he was sufficiently winded, I gave the bike back so he could make his journey home for the day.


Troy said...

Thursday or Friday I almost ran over him pulling out of my apartments, I was gonna text you about one of your employees having to ride a bike HOW STRANGE :-P

Frank said...

LOL! If you hit him, that would have only proven that he has the worst luck! :-P

Troy said...

I was actually courteous at first I saw him coming so I backed up since traffic wasnt clear anyway, then as he was approaching I was about to go and then I realized he was right by me. Sadistic me started laughing my head off at the thought of running over this biker..... **not sure if I should have said that hehe**

Frank said...

That's funny!