Monday, August 01, 2005

Doctor, I Think I Might Have Something Stuck In My Throat

Here's a great news story I felt compelled to post (since I'm always so behind on current events as of late!)

A teenager lost his license after crashing his car at high speed while his girlfriend performed oral sex on him! Robert Filip, 19, who was naked when police arrived at the scene, must also pay for damages caused during the collision. Filip apparently lost control of his car after forgetting to turn right on a curve in the city centre of Craiova, southwest Romania. (I can only assume that his mind was on something else at the time!)

X-rays of the young couple soon revealed the cause of the blockage in Andrea Popescu's windpipe.

Wow! I guess she really blew his mind!

Police initially told reporters that Filip and his girlfriend Andrea Popescu, 18, were so carried away that they even continued their sex romp after the crash, oblivious to spectators who had rushed to the rescue. It was soon discovered however, that the force of the impact had caused a vacuum effect in the young girl's throat causing the amorous couple to become firmly stuck together.

Luckily, doctors at Craiova's main hospital were able to free the young girl of the blockage in her windpipe, but not until Filip had managed to deliver a little lubrication to the affected area.

"He's a very lucky boy!", Dr. Getemov told reporters. "If he had been driving any faster, the force of the impact would have almost certainly caused the young girl's teeth the clench tightly together resulting in an extreme biting action." (Shudder!) "It would have been like that awful un-anaesthetized sex change incident in 'The World According to Garp' movie", he added thoughtfully.

A police spokesman confirmed: "We hope the fact he will have to pay for damages and the 90 days suspension of his licence will teach him a lesson for the future."

Filip later apologized, saying: "I am sorry for what happened but at the time I just could not stop myself." The teenagers had apparently only met that day. (Wow! I guess Filip really is lucky!)

He added, "But I've certainly learnt my lesson. The next time my girlfriend decides to blow me - I'll make sure she does the driving!"


drunkbh said...

Please tell me this is fake.

Frank said...

LOL! It's been my personal experience that the more absurd something sounds, the more likely it is true!

Mad Munkey said...

Dude, Where do you find this stuff. LMAO

Frank said...

Most of videos are just things that I've compiled over the years, primarily old email attachments.

As far as everything else... I'm just a weirdo! LOL!

Ron said...

I'm calling bullshit on this one. Are you telling me they transported them to the hospital like that and got them into x-ray? No, it's just some clever Photoshop.

Alex said...

I will have to agree it is bullshit. But only because the same car picture is in an email attachment, called "Things that make you say damn" as far as the xray, no photoshop, but i bet it was from some Discovery Channel

Troy said...

Yeah I've seen both pics separately. I cant imagine how the hell they got the x-ray done though.