Sunday, September 04, 2005

Forbidden Cookie

I’ve been eating these cookies for the last several weeks to help gain weight. First of all, they taste like pure protein. Don’t be fooled by the pretty picture that makes them appear to be chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips! These cookies are perhaps among the worst things I’ve ever tasted!

Unfortunately for some unknown reason, I’m so hooked on them now... I can’t get enough. What the hell is wrong with me!?

And btw, these cookies have not helped me gain any weight. In fact, I've actually lost about seven pounds over the last two weeks! Damnit!!!


The mini ninja said...

Cool packaging! Too bad the cookie tastes bad, although it must be doing something right, otherwise ya wouldn't be eatin' them! Why are you trying to gain weight? I'll give you some of mine. ;)

Lurid said...

Kinda like those Metamucil wafers--so gross they're kinda...good.

Frank said...

Leslie - I'm never gonna be tall, so might as well have some better definition! LOL!

J. Star - I've never had Metamucil wafers... but you're right! It's kinda like coffee or beer... initially they taste awful, but after time, you actually acquire a taste for it!

drunkbh said...

I see these at my gym. I just assumed they were to lose weight.

Nameless said...

I bet they have crack in em.