Thursday, September 29, 2005

Revenge Of The Sith Deleted Scenes

I came across some awesome pics from deleted scenes on Revenge of the Sith, courtesy of Ron. I think it's great that George Lucas actually shows General Grievous being a bad ass (killing a Jedi, Shaak Ti) and not acting like some punk-ass bitch with a severe cold! It's just too bad that the scene was cut from the theatrical version of the movie (and also certain dvd copies that may or may not be floating around near here or some galaxy far, far away!)

General Grievous: "I hate Jedi! I'm glad they're dead! I hope they burn in hell!"

(Er... Mace Windu could have said some shit like that... oh wait, he did... just in another movie!)


Ron said...

You're forgetting "Motherfucker!" Shaak Ti is a babelicious Israeli model, but she has my sister's name, which just ruins it for me!

Ron said...

What about the Dagobah pics that were also on that link?

Frank said...

I didn't care much for the Dagobah pics... I just enjoyed watching a Jedi get fucked from behind! LOL!