Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wonderful Movie!

I saw Sky High a couple weeks, and am just now deciding to comment on it… awesome fucking movie!!! If you enjoy comics, then you’ll love this movie! On top of that, casting Kurt Russell and Bruce Campbell in the same film – there’s an absolute genius at work there. Having Kurt Russell play the world’s greatest superhero and Bruce Campbell playing the egotistical coach at a superhero high school that places you in your two-tier social strata of “Hero” or “Side-Kick”… well both of those were pure gold! The rest of the cast was great too, but I love Kurt Russell and am a Bruce Campbell whore!

The other characters that you just knew were going to suck when they get introduced don’t! Not only that, they may very well become your favorite characters. There’s subtlety at play here that you just wouldn’t believe. For example, during a study session at our main kid’s house, Will Stronghold (son of Kurt Russell’s character, the Commander), which is suddenly interrupted by the Commander in full on hero costume walking into the living room. Now mind you, imagine this…the absolute dregs of the superhero universe were sitting around chatting about how to prepare for a mission that involved the undead… and all of a sudden Superman walks in!!! This is all who these kids at this study group absolutely dream they could be. And here he is!

The scene has the Commander asking the kids about their powers and well, unfortunately they are the dregs of the superhero society... side-kicks. They’re just not up to snuff, and the Commander listens to it all through a smile, but just in his eyes you can see that he just kinda feels bad for these kids… as if they got the short end of the stick! And he’d never tell them that, and he’d never say that… it’s just the thought going on in his head. He gives them all a bit of encouragement and then heads into the kitchen. His son Will follows him to the kitchen and decides to fess up about his lack of super powers! The scene is fucking killer!!! Imagine telling your father, Superman, that you’re not a hero, but rather a sidekick type of guy… that you’re not a hero, but that’s alright because being the sidekick is important… and all your “loser” friends hear you. And when you get back to the study group, there’s a sense of awe, because you’ve finally taken your first real step to being a hero… at least in their eyes. Fantastic movie!!!


Ron said...

Yeah, I was suprised how much I liked this movie.

Pred said...

I want to see it, but none of my friends would go with me. Oh well, i'll just wait tell it come out on video.

Frank said...

Ron - My thoughts exactly!

Pred - I highly recommend you catch it while it's still showing at theaters. I don't think you'll be disappointed!