Saturday, October 22, 2005

ESPN's College Game Day At The University Of Texas At Austin

Vince Young (Texas Longhorns Quarterback, #10): "Haha sucka! I'm still gonna make a touchdown! In your face biatch!"

Texas 52, Texas Tech 17

Now that Texas Tech has been defeated (along with Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Colorado,) it now appears for certain that Texas will ultimately face USC for the national championship!


Deb said... quite understood it that much. A bunch of men tackling one another in I speaking to the wrong person about this? ;)

It is exciting when they hit a homerun though. What do I know- I'm just a girl...!

Frank said...

LOL! Growing up in TX, it's pretty much a requirement (perhaps even law) that one must love football. Those who try to resist are eventually assimilated into the sport anyway! :-P

Ron said...

Football is a religion here, but Frankie just likes the tight ends.

lgl said...

what would you think of a longhorn doormat? i have almost bought one for you twice, but i didnt know for sure.

Frank said...

That sounds great!

drunkbh said...

I can't brag on my team. They just lost today.

Pred said...

I love how all the hype was about tech being able to give Texas a close game. HA! We are Rose Bolw bound!

Frank said...

Ron - You're just jealous because I can appreciate the sport on more levels than you!

Drunkbh - Sorry about that... Florida?

Pred - No kidding... though I was initially worried when Vince Young threw two interceptions in a five minute period of time in the first quarter!