Saturday, October 22, 2005


Finally I decided to get Seasons 1 – 4 of Smallville on DVD. Season One was on sale for half off (though we were completely sold out of it… so really I was only able to get 2 – 4 for the moment.)

I haven’t seen the show in quite some time (as I stopped watching TV a few years ago), but I did watch the entire 1st season when it originally aired, and I thought it was simply wonderful. What’s not great about it? It’s a show about Superman (greatest superhero of all time... refer to previous post, Why Superman, if you are unaware of Superman's greatness), and it has Tom Welling starring in it (who is so incredibly HOT!!!) The only issue I have is that it belongs to the WB, which in my opinion usually puts out a bunch of crap. This show does not belong on that network!!!


M is for... said...

NOt sure if you current watch Smallville, but recently they did the intro to Aquaman.

Clark and Aqua save the day (shocker)
At the end, Aquaman says something to the affect of "Clark, maybe we should start up a Junior Lifeguard Association"

Clark replies with "Not sure if I'm ready to join the J.L.A. just yet" PAUSE for effect

Ok I know I'm a geek and girls shouldn't dig comics, but I do and I totally got the JLA line.

J.L.A. = Justive League of America

Frank said...

I haven't kept up with the show past the first season, though I loved what I saw. I need to set some time aside so I can watch all the DVD's now.

Anonymous said...

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