Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My Halloween Night At Work

Despite being at work on Halloween night, my associates and I tried to make the best of it… easy to do because the store was freaking dead after 6:00pm, so we really could do whatever the hell we wanted to! Only catch… we really couldn’t get wasted on alcohol because we were still technically at work. So instead, I sent out for Starbucks, and we got plastered on caffeine!

First effects of the caffeine manifested in the form of Sean doing the Beavis and Butthead dance… unfortunately, when he noticed I was filming it, his inhibitions returned and he promptly stopped.

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Being Halloween and all I decided to dress up, but I had no costume. I pieced together a clever costume with crap we had lying around the back offices and became Frank the Destroyer! Take special note of the psychotic look on my face!

Somewhere in all of the hoopla, we discovered that the store started selling Wonka Bars! WTF!!!

Casey made a mess on Felicity Huffman from Desperate House wives… you don’t ask, and I won’t tell... partly because I myself don't know the entire story!!! :-P

Damnit… I think I got some of that sticky white shit on my lovely black shirt… I hope this isn’t stained!!!


Anonymous said...

Will anyone at your work dance for more than three seconds?


PS. Heehee... Felicity Huffman with spooge in her mouth!

Frank said...

I'm sure they would dance longer if I could do a better job concealing my camera... as soon as they come to the realization that they're being recorded, they always stop. I guess they're not born entertainers.

It's too bad we had to throw away the picture after the whole incident... it would have been awkward trying to explain to others the situation! LOL! :-P

Pred said...

Working on halloween sucks, but at least I got to put out my jack-o-lantern before I left. It is the greatest carved pumpkin ever.

Frank said...

Dude... that's a super sweet jack-o-lantern! Looks awesome!

That last game against OSU freaked me out!!! Well, just the first half!

Pred said...

Not only did I have to work halloween, but I had to work during the OSU game too! I had my friend call me with updates, and when he said "28-12 OSU", I almost cried.

Frank said...

I couldn't watch either... I was at HEB when I got a call from Josh telling me that UT was getting their ass kicked! I was so pissed off!!! Luckily, OSU didn't get a chance to score a single point in the entire second half! :-D