Saturday, December 31, 2005

My Last Day Of 2005

It’s been one of those monotonous days, but I wouldn’t call it uneventful. I kept myself entertained.

First off, I woke this morning with the memory of a dream. That in itself was so exciting… I don’t know if I just don’t dream at all or simply don’t remember, but it’s been ages since I’ve ever recalled a dream. The dream itself was both amusing and weird. In my dream, one of the hooks that hold up my shower curtain kept becoming unfastened, and just as I would fix it, another one would come undone. It was actually quite irritating!

Next, I created a new game… or rather modified an old one. You remember that old child’s board game, Operation? Well, that’s what I played this morning, but with a twist. I removed the light bulb from the lamp, turned the switch on, dropped a nickel inside, and tried to remove it with some tweezers. It’s truly amazing how accurate one can become when a high voltage electrical shock is the consequence of making a mistake!

I drove down to the gym today to find it damn near a ghost town. I would have expected it to be at least somewhat busy as I’m assuming most people will make the new year’s resolution to get in shape or lose weight. I don’t understand that though. Why wait until a future date to make a change in one’s life? Why not make the change immediately when you decide you want to change something? That’s why I don’t do new year’s resolutions. Throughout the year, when I decide to change something, I just change it then. Why push it off? Whatever! Anyway, all the supplements were 30% off today, so I stocked up!!!

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Excellent, love it!