Sunday, December 18, 2005

Tis The Season For Goofing Off

For those of you fortunate enough to have never worked a retail job during the holidays, I just want to make this perfectly clear… it really sucks!!! Not only do the issues increase exponentially, but the customers are obscenely ruder (so much for the Christmas spirit) and all of the store associates are sick with the flu / cold. So many things trying to make life absolutely miserable! This being said, we still try to have fun nonetheless!

Here are the holiday standing orders for the CSA’s (customer service associates) that are posted at the customer service counter:

I catch Carla in my office (aka Frank’s Fortress of Solitude, aka The Citadel, aka The Crows Nest, aka The Imperial Tower). I love my office because it’s perched over the customer service counter and gives me a great view of the sales floor… so I can essentially space out up there for hours, yet still maintain the appearance that I’m keeping track of everything going on. Anyway, back to Carla… she was checking her gmail or hotmail account on my laptop and was bitching about all of the spam she was receiving (primarily porn spam!) As she thought I was only taking a picture (always a big mistake), she divulged that she actually enjoyed watching porn (and I got it caught on video!)

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A customer brought in a broken printer for us to diagnose. After careful examination by Josh’s keen eye, he informed the customer that the printer was broken. They bought a new one and left the broken one with us. Josh decided to take this broken printer into the warehouse, take it up on the stockpicker, and drop it! (I didn’t take this video, Nasty Nate did… so I don’t know why he felt the need to shoot it sideways!)

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Later on back in the roadshop, Dirty Jose and Hunter decided they would place small objects on blaring subwoofers and watch these little trinkets dance!

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Sean decided to jump out of a big box and scare Beverlee... unfotunately, the box was taped up so securely after Sean squeezed into it that his plan didn't seem to work out as he had anticipated... hell, he just needed out to get some air!


Troy said...

You guys are dorks :-P

Frank said...

I personally prefer imaginative avant-gardes!

Anonymous said...

That first clip was quite spooky, as I could hear your voice. Suddenly you seemed more like a real person, whereas for all I know you could be a cyber-consciousness existing solely on the interweb! Very wierd...


Frank said...

LOL! Yes, I do exist in the physical reality too! :-P

celtgirl said...

love the dancing trinkets on the subwoofers.
How come you didn't record the box incident? THAT would have been great.

Frank said...

Yeah I know... I didn't think quickly enough to get my phone ready to shoot video for the box incident... I was just able to catch a quick photo.