Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Another New Test

This pic has no relevance to
this post. I just think
it's so cute!

Take the Crush Calculator Test to see how compatible you are with your crushes.

Frank's Crush Calculator Scores:
Brandon Routh - 92%
Christian Bale - 84%
Tom Welling - 62%

Yes... they're all superheroes! You got a problem with that?


gothamwhore said...

That pic is TOTALLY cute!

Frank said...

Yeah... I LOVE that pic! Very creative on someone's part.

Anonymous said...

Entering names of superheroes is entirely acceptable, it's not like you've gone and entered the names of people who read this blog, is it?


Elemmaciltur said...

*sigh* Why did I fell for that again?

The 'Click to continue reading' is a way to not stretch my page too much with all the pictures and some long entries....or that I can hide something for those browsing eyes, i.e. you'll have to click to read the rest.

celtgirl said...

Christian Bale still reminds me of Matthew McConaughey.

Frank said...

The Barlow - Laugh it up! You're just so funny! I still think it was a great prank though!

Elemmaciltur - Hey, I fell for it too! :-P

Anyway, that's what I figured about the links. I was just wondering why you recently started doing that. It make perfect sense though.

Celtgirl - I agree. It was weird watching Reign of Fire because both of them are in it and look the same... nearly twins! Too bad that movie really sucked though! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Laugh it up! You're just so funny!

Thank you!

You do mean funny "Haha" and not funny "peculiar", right?


Frank said...

Oh, I certainly mean both! :-P