Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Nearly Over... But Surprisingly Fun Nonetheless

The inventory reconciliation is almost at an end… I think I’ll declare a cease-fire tomorrow and declare victory. Due to my team’s great preparation of the count, the reconciliation process went very smoothly… most of the time there are some 5-15 people helping research the inventory discrepancies for a full seven days… we did it with three people (Robert, Carla, and myself) over the course of four days.

All of this work obviously meant that Starbucks was a frequent retreat from all of the research… I lost count, but I think Carla and I went over 15 times in a three day period, which means we probably spent some $300 because the coffee is go damn expensive! During one of the trips, some other Starbucks patrons noted how Carla and I were a cute couple and that she did well training me to be such an outstanding gentleman (as if she could whip me… please!) So, this became our ongoing joke… we think it’d be hilarious if the entire store suspected that we were seeing each other. Oh, how I absolutely love to generate the juicy gossip!

Anyway, we were discussing today that how all this research for the inventory reconciliation is just like detective work... me being the the cocky, wise-cracking, flirtatious, free-wheeling David Addison, and she being the level-headed, icy yet glamorous former-model Maddie Hayes. Our snappy, intense, banter-laden battles could make for a great Moonlighting episode! If we added in some sexual tension, it would be perfect! Too bad she’s got a boyfriend and I’m gay. LOL!

Thanks for the help Carla, you’re awesome!


Elemmaciltur said...

I haven't been to Starbucks for such a long time now.....

Frank said...

Yeah... I haven't been there in awhile either until just recently. It's just convenient to get to because it's like 100ft away from where I work, and I had like $100 in Starbucks gift cards I collected over Christmas.