Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Year of Kelly Clarkson

I remember at the start of last year, I did a lot of bitching about Kelly Clarkson. To me she was just a normal girl who simply hit it big because of exposure from a hit tv show, rather than from talent. To make matters worse, she was always on XM… nearly every channel I’d listen to. I felt that XM was trying to force me to listen to her music.

As the year progressed, I slowly realized that indeed she was talented… very talented at that! One great song after another… most of which I could easily relate to. I was completely astonished! She’s an absolutely wonderful performer!

As far as the music world is concerned, 2005 will always be The Year of Kelly Clarkson!

On another musical artist note… if I hear Mariah Carey one more time, I think I’ll truly be able to produce Sith Lightening! Just imagine, rather than the Tom Cruise Kills Oprah video, it’ll be Frank Kills Mariah! LOL!


Troy said...

Kelly Clarkson KICKS ASS! I never watched Idol but I bought her first album and fell in love. She is coming out with her 5th single from her sophomore album, it will be "Walk Away."

Mariah can be annoying but she has a great voice, the album isnt as HOT as Kelly's is. I was disappointed that Kelly didnt get the Grammy recognition she deserves. Meanwhile Mrs. Carey the comeback queen got tons of nominations!

2006 is another year for a comeback. Janet- Miss Jackson if you NASTY!

Frank said...

Kelly Clarkson really has stepped up to bat this last year! She's proven that she's a genuine star and is here to stay!

I could almost just listen to Mariah Carey when I work out... she's able to generate more energy for me out of pure and unadulterated anger than any other music I got! LOL!

Janet's alright... but I'd prefer Tenacious D as they can be both nasty and hilarious at the same time!

Mad Munkey said...

I got nothin' on this... other than to ask why in the movie 40 year old virgin (or whatever it is) does he scream out Kelly Clarkson when they pull off the wax?

Frank said...

Yeah... I didn't get that either. In fact, I thought the movie was rather dull. The funniest parts of that movie was the electronics store scenes. That is exactly how crazy it is where I work.