Saturday, February 11, 2006

And So It Begins

I had to work earlier today, but left early… thus beginning my vacation. I’m free of that place until next Monday!!! I’ve got a lot of nothing planned for the duration of my sabbatical. Well I’ll be out of town for a few days (14th-16th), but after that the nothing will carry on where I left off.

Anyway, my mom came to visit me today and helped me hang some stuff up. First on the list is the Klingon-like, double-sided sword she got for me several Christmases ago. Even though it’s quite secure hanging over the entrance to my study, I’m still a bit fretful that it will fall on my head as I walk under it!

She recently purchased two sets of shelves for me. The first wasn’t really difficult to build and is the sturdier of the two. It hangs over the plasma tv holding a cool looking candle holder consisting of several Celtic crosses.

The other shelf set was a bit of a bitch to hang up because it in the form of three separate pieces. This set looks so awesome, but it’s not quite at sturdy as the first. I don’t have anything on it yet… but I’ll need to keep it very light so it won’t fall of the wall!

Thanks mom!!! You’re the best!


Siren said...

well, be sure not to put anything personal, like pictures or anything...that's just..dumb :-P

Rob Cas said...

Hey hey...
have a great vacation good buddy!!!

Rob Cas said...

and I know it is supposed to show me what others think...I just said that for dramatic seriously though. Thanks for the compliments and have a great time.

Ron said...

that shit looks crooked!

Frazzled said...

Ron you can bite me! We used a level - very sophisticated of us I might add! It just goes to show you have a crooked way of looking at things! :)

Frank said...

Siren - Wow!!! You sound just like dad! :-P

Bobby - Thanks! You have fun with school! ttyl!

Ron - It looks crooked my ass! I took a level to that thing constantly... it's straighter than you! :-P

Frazzled - Call Ron a "prick!" I understand he doesn't like it! (Or the "c" word!) LOL!