Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Rocky VI

I’m a big fan of the Rocky movies (all for the exception of Rocky V which absolutely sucked!!!) Many people come down hard on all the Rocky movies and simply say they suck… good for them… I don’t care what they think! I truly enjoy the movies… I think they’re incredibly motivational!!! And don’t forget, the first Rocky movie actually won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1976… Sylvester Stallone was even nominated for Best Actor that year too for his portrayal of Rocky Balboa, the Italian Stallion.

Anyway, it looks like Rocky VI will be hitting theaters at the end of the year! I found a short little teaser trailer for it.

Click Here To Play

On a completely different note... Josh and I are considering to publish our own accounts of all the unbelievable drama, scandal, and yes... even murder that occurs at work. (Ok, no murder... but plenty of raunchy sex!!!) Be on the lookout at our local bookstores in the near future for The Gospel According To Frank and The Gospel According To Josh!


celtgirl said...

I certainly hope your day was better than yesterday's.
If you need me, you certainly know how to reach me. But I think I may be calling you to actually HEAR what the heck is going on.

Just remember that there are some things that are BEYOND our control. You truly can not work miracles - that's God's job. But God can work miracles through you. Talk to Grandma if you need to. I promise she still listens.

lgl said...

did you catch ppl having sex at work?

Frank said...

Celtgirl - Talk to Grandma if you need to. I promise she still listens.

That really is a nice thought! :-)

lgl - Oh yeah... but that's nothing! You'll need to buy a copy of the book... well, my book that is. Josh's won't be as specfic and in depth as mine.