Friday, March 17, 2006

V For Vendetta

I saw V for Vendetta last night. Not the greatest movie I’ve ever seen, but it truly makes one think! It’s very much a metaphor for human events: The Nazis of yesterday, the insidious dangers facing our world today, and what our failure to recognize such patterns means for the world of tomorrow. It puts in perspective many of the dark happenings in our “free world” of today… like the United States’ Patriot Act, Britain’s increased video surveillance of motorized traffic, America’s pre-knowledge of and possible inaction towards 9/11, and the movement to dilute the legal sanctity of homosexual relationships. Equally dangerous trends are also touched upon such as “If you’re not for the war in Iraq, then you don’t love our country” (made famous by GW Bush and his neo-conservative party.)

It’s challenging to accept that the ideas worth dying for are not always the ideas our governments tell us are worth dying for. It’s even more uncomfortable to swallow the notion that we, as a populous, are responsible for the actions of our government simply because we put The Powers That Be in office. In the movie, V touches on this subject… “If you want to see who is responsible, look no further than a mirror.”

Overall, very thought provoking movie… even nice action too!

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ROENTGEN said...

I wunted to see it because i loved the poster, but when i heard the story i was like "eew... more comics"

Anonymous said...

Not the greatest movie I’ve ever seen

You're not the only person I know who's taken that line.
I think that warrants me waiting for the DVD to come out, rather than trying to see it in a county with only four cinemas!

Britain’s increased video surveillance of motorized traffic,

Do you mean Speed Cameras?


Frank said...

Bubbly Theater - Hehe! Yes, it's based on a DC Comic, but if recent comic book movies are any indicator (i.e. Batman Begins, etc...), that should only reinforce the notion that this movie should be pretty good.

Edward - I think it's probably good enough to watch while in theaters.

"Britain’s increased video surveillance of motorized traffic,
Do you mean Speed Cameras?"

Yep... and btw: the British government is the villain in this movie! I personally would have though it better to make America the villian, but Britain works well in the movie!

Anonymous said...

You yanks always cast Brits as the villains, it makes sense (V for Vendetta is an America film, isn't it?).


Frank said...

My favorite Brit-villain movies have to be the orignal Star Wars trilogy! :-P

gothamwhore said...

I thought V was a really good movie. And regardless of whether it was "good" or not, the message and key theme(s) thoughout the movie are reason enough to see it, particularly if you live in a red state!

Frank said...

I definitely agree... I need to get an opinion on this movie from a conservative. I'd be interested to know what they thought of the message in the movie.