Monday, April 17, 2006

Coming Soon To A DVD Shelf Near You

As stated in Jennifer’s recent post, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. is finally arriving to DVD on July 18… one of my most favorite TV shows of all time.

The saga begins simply enough when one of the greatest lawmen the West has ever known, U.S. Marshal Brisco County, Sr., is killed on a train by outlaw John Bly and his evil Gang of 12. The Marshal's son, Brisco County, Jr., a Harvard law graduate, is hired as an unlikely bounty hunter by the members of San Francisco's Westerfield Club to track down the outlaws. Brisco straps on his father's gun belt with its famed ivory-handled six-shooter, which he handles better than a western trick star, and never looks back.

Brisco, ably assisted by Comet the Wonder Horse (who has more intelligence than most people), meets a variety of friends and foes as he pursues his goal and also stumbles onto an incredible legend… the tale of a supernatural golden glowing orb that bestows unimaginable powers on the person who possesses it. Brisco soon realizes that Bly will stop at nothing to obtain the orb and wield it for his own evil purposes.

Bruce Campbell is absolutely perfectly cast for the role of Brisco County Jr. He brought a warm, human depth to the character along with an inside wink to the audience underscoring all of life's wonderful absurdities. He also gave straight deliveries of puns laced with sexual and non-sexual overtones.

This show is definitely a cult classic series! It was highly underrated during its run on FOX on a Friday night timeslot… certain death for any TV series good or bad. Truly an awesome show! A definite must see for anyone who never caught it!

Whether or not you ever had the opportunity to enjoy the show, many people don’t realize that the show’s theme song is now used all over the place, particularly on several sports events. I’m sure you’ve heard it before!

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