Monday, February 04, 2008

New For 2008

I realize that it is now February, so I’m a bit late for the common “New Year’s” resolutions. Speaking of which, I hope that anyone who has made any “New Year’s” resolutions are still holding steadfast on their personal commitments! I have a lot of respect for those who want something better for themselves, and then put for the commitment and sacrifice to make it actually happen! It’s certainly not easy. So I commend those still working on it, and I hope those who have stumbled a bit over the last month with their resolutions don’t lose hope and keep trying!

I do have a few resolutions myself, however I apparently won’t be starting them at the beginning of the year. Rather, I plan on starting them at the beginning of Lent which starts this Wednesday, February 6th. Here are a couple of my top personal resolutions in no particular order:
  • Get back in shape: I used to be pretty damn physically fit. That’s not the case anymore. I’ve been just plain lazy for about a year and half, and it shows… not to mention I can certainly feel it too! I don’t have nearly the amount of energy I used to. The good thing about this resolution is that I know with just a little discipline, this shouldn’t take too long to accomplish.
  • Stop Wasteful Spending: Sounds like Republican rhetoric (even though Bush has wasted more than any ruler in the history of the world), but it’s something I need to do. I am quite impulsive, and sometimes it hurts me in the long run financially. I waste money on a wide array of things from eating-out a lot, buying crap I really don’t need, etc. I foresee this being the toughest resolution for me to maintain.

Off the topic of resolutions and into other news, Jimmy and I are in the process of having a new house built. Currently it is scheduled for completion in late May or early June. We’re extremely excited about it! I can hardly wait!!! These next few months are going to be excruciating as I want to get the hell out of this little apartment!

This is essentially what our house will look like.

It's a pretty large house, at least by my terms it is. It's about 2515 square feet.
Here is a floor plan of the first and second floors of the house. (You may need to right-click the following two pictures and select "View Image" to get a better view of the text descriptions of each of the rooms on the floor plans.)

This website has more info on the house (virtual tour / interactive floor plan):

To go with the new house, we've selected some new furniture for some of the rooms.
This is the Breakfast Area furniture.

This is the Formal Dining furniture.

And this is the furntire for the Upstairs Living Area.

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