Friday, January 22, 2010

In My Case, Only Hindsight Is 20/20

So I finally had my eyes checked today for some new glasses and new contacts. The last time I visited the optometrist was early in 2007.

My eye sight has never been particularly good, and today’s visit certainly confirmed that! When I had my glasses off, I was asked to read the smallest line on the eye chart that I could clearly see. I couldn’t see any lines. In fact, I knew that the top of the eye chart was a big “E,” but I couldn’t even see that! It appeared to be a very blurry “8.”

It turned out that my vision had not really deteriorated much over the last 3 years, but nonetheless, it had a bit. Hopefully when it stops getting worse, I can simply opt for laser corrective surgery and be done with glasses and contact altogether.

I went ahead and chose very similar Oakley frames to the Oakley’s I’ve owned for the last 3 years. I’ve found them to be extremely light-weight and more comfortable than others I’ve had in the past. My current glasses already have an anti-reflective coating, but I also went ahead and added the photochromic transitional coating to the new frames too.

After the eye dilation, I had to run home asap to preemptively take some Frova to prevent the migraine that I was going to inevitably get after having a bright light in my eyes!

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