Friday, October 08, 2010

Dragon Dictation

One of my colleagues at work just recently purchased an iPad for her birthday. She brought it to work and she was so excited about it.

While showing it to me, she brought up the fact that she loves to write and she wished that there was some kind of application to where she could just speak and have the application dictate for her. Then I remembered this application that I downloaded several months ago but haven't really used called Dragon Dictation which is what I'm currently using right now for this blog post.

This application is a voice recognition software that dictates what you say and is speech to text technology. I'm also, I guess, testing it as I don't know its limitations. How long can it record? Does it parse sentences into paragraphs? Does it use punctuation?

And I can only imagine how looks how it looks, just like Capt. Kirk on Star Trek! Captain's Log, star date whatever - and that's where technology is right now.

I am just amazed what one can do with technology today - things that were simply science fiction just 30 to 40 years ago!

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pianoman2900 said...

It's now been over a year since you've posted. Just fyi. :-)