Monday, February 25, 2008

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Coming Soon To A Theater Near You!

Marvel Comics has a nice assortment of comic book movies coming to the big screen in the near future. Here are some of them that I’m particularly excited about!

Iron Man (2008)

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Punisher: War Zone (2008)

X-Men Origins: Magneto (2009)

Thor (2009)

Spider-Man 4 (2009)

Silver Surfer (2009)

The Avengers (2009)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Captain America (2009)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Great Debate

What a great debate tonight at the University of Texas at Austin! Overall, this was a great night for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Although we had the opportunity to actually hear a debate on policy and issues which is very rare in a debate, I think it was pretty clear that both candidates are essentially in agreement with 95% of the issues. Their primary difference is the manner in which they plan to implement their similar ideas.

I am still a very adamant Obama supporter, but as a long time supporter of the Democratic Party, I am still a very big fan of the Clintons. I have no malice or harsh feelings towards Hillary Clinton; I think she’s a wonderful candidate and very deserving of the Office of the President. I simply feel that Barack Obama is our best choice.

I think that all of the bitter hatred that most Republicans and conservatives have for Hillary Clinton are completely baseless and without merit. Their hatred of her began with her “standing by her man” and forgiving her husband’s marital mistakes… acting as a true “Christian.” They slammed her in unison in the early nineties when she attacked one of their major lobbies, the healthcare lobby.

All that said, the fact of the matter is… Republicans hate her, whether it’s fair or unfair. If she were president, she’d have even more divisive partisanship working against her than Bill Clinton did… and that’s hard to imagine. How can she get all of these wonderful ideas passed through Congress when Republicans will be united against her every minute of every day? How can she pass universal healthcare? How can she end the war in Iraq? How can she help fix the economy? The sad answer is that Republicans will do everything in their power to obstruct everything she tries to implement. She may possess the experience in fighting Republicans, but that’s not what we need. We don’t need more division, we need national unity.

Not only does Barack Obama preach and promote hope, he has the ability to overcome this divisive partisanship. He not only appeals to Democrats and independents, but also to many Republicans. The Republican Party is not united right now. This gives him the unique ability to bring a lot of them over to his side on critical issues. It gives him the ability to end the last few decades of a divided country. When Democrats and Republicans can finally put aside this vicious, divisive partisanship, I think that we truly have a hope of actually solving the major issues facing our nation and world. This is a hope that has been absent entirely too long.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Early Vote

I’d like to consider myself a pretty active voter. Being such, I always try to participate in early voting when it is offered. The reason I like early voting is the speed at which I can get in and out… there are typically no lines. This was certainly not the case today!

Today marks the 2nd day of early primary voting in the state of Texas. As I stood in line, I was first off quite amazed that I was in a line to begin with, but even more surprised that nearly 75% of the people in line were 1st time voters. I was just completely astounded!!!

Not only that, but out of the 45+ people in line, only one of them voted in the Republican primary. Yes, Austin is a liberal oasis in the big red state of Texas, but even that is pretty sad for the Republican Party.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rock Star Politician

As many people are well aware, I am a pretty enthusiastic Barack Obama supporter. Anyway, I got a huge kick out of this yesterday when I saw this on Hardball with Chris Matthews!

The Worst

What makes a president great? This is the question of many historians and political scholars. To me, presidential greatness is clear and decisive moral leadership in the face of national crisis and an open-mindedness and willingness to question traditional values and try new ways of doing things. A great president must be progressive! No great leader in the history of the world was great because they took their people backwards; rather it’s their willingness to evolve and progress!

At a time of national crisis, Pierce and Buchanan, who served in the eight years preceding the Civil War, and Johnson, who followed it, were simply not up to the job. Stubborn, narrow-minded, unwilling to listen to criticism or to consider alternatives to disastrous mistakes, they surrounded themselves with yes-men and shaped their policies to appeal to retrogressive and conservative political forces. Even after being repudiated in the midterm elections of 1854, 1858 and 1866, respectively, they ignored major currents of public opinion and clung to flawed conservative policies. Whose presidency does this bring to mind?

Harding and Coolidge are best remembered for the corruption of their years in office and for channeling money and favors to big business. They slashed income and corporate taxes and supported employers' campaigns to eliminate unions. Members of their administrations received kickbacks and bribes from lobbyists and businessmen. "Never before, here or anywhere else," declared the Wall Street Journal, "has a government been so completely fused with business." Again, whose presidency does this bring to mind?

Nixon is mostly associated today with disdain for the Constitution and abuse of presidential power. Obsessed with secrecy and media leaks, he viewed every critic as a threat to national security and illegally spied on U.S. citizens. Nixon considered himself above the law. Whose presidency does this bring to mind?

George W. Bush embodies the failures, corruption, and unlawful natures of the entire sum of the worst presidents in American history. I don’t know how it could be possible for history to look at Bush as anything but the worst and most disastrous president.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Star Trek Quiz

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