Monday, September 05, 2005

Didn't See That Coming

On very rare occasions, people’s actions surprise me. For the most part though, just about everything everyone does falls right inline with the character I perceive them to have.

I wouldn’t say that my father and I are particularly close by any means. Sporadically, we’ll go out to dinner or see a movie, but that’s about it. We don’t talk about anything except for politics (which I don’t really care to talk about anymore.) I’ve always felt a little left out in my family… Jennifer was always my dad’s favorite kid, and Kristy was my Mom’s. Now they’ll both swear that they don’t have favorites, but we all know better!

Nonetheless, that being said, I still feel that I know my father pretty well… hell, I’ve known him my entire life! He’s very smart, hard working, and open-minded… but he’s also often quite cheap, completely indecisive, and very reluctant to help others.

Anyway, over this last weekend, he went to Beaumont, TX (near Louisiana) to help out with the hurricane victims! I’m still shocked! I have no idea what possessed him to do such a thing… it’s just so out of character! He just went on his own accord… on his spare time over the weekend… even took a day off of work to help out.

Whatever the reason, I’m so very proud of him for doing it! Most of all, I’m proud to be his son!


drunkbh said...

That's really nice. You should be proud.

Ron said...


celtgirl said...

I'll admit they have their favorites. HOWEVER, your mom's favoritism of Kris was more because your dad disliked her so much.
And remember - you are always Mom's favorite, and she will continue to look out for you.

The mini ninja said...

I know how you feel. My parents favor my sister a lot of the time. That's so great your dad is helping out the hurricane victims. I've traveled to Beaumont, Houston, New Orleans, Baton it's weird to see everything happening down there.

Frank said...

We don't really see eye to eye on a lot of things. He always thought I should be a doctor or lawyer, while I would have much rather been a Jedi or Beatle! LOL!

lgl said...

I love your sisters, dont get me wrong. But you are def MY fav!