Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

It amazes me how much effort we place on stupid shit at work that really has no positive effect on the business. I took this video off of our security cameras, and one of my PC Techs, Joseph, editted it and added a soundtrack to it.

The video is a bit choppy and blurry, but I'll give you the rundown on what happened. Saturday morning Sean walked into our warehouse while some of the warehouse associates were playing basketball. (This would be the same Sean who dealt with the bitchy customers fighting from the Black Friday post, and the same person performing the Beavis and Butthead Dance.) Anyway, someone threw the ball really hard and missed quite badly. The ball hits the corner of door that Sean was entering and then hits him firmly in a sensitive spot of the male anatomy.

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The camera records at 10 frames a second as opposed to normal video which is about 30 frames per second... hence the choppy look. The ball is moving so fast that it's really difficult to even see it.

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