Friday, February 12, 2010

Johnny Weir STILL = Super HOT

It was Johnny Weir's skating ability (or was it because he is f-ing hot… can’t remember) that first drew my attention to him back in 2006 during that year’s Winter Olympics. I also certainly enjoy his personality - he says whatever is on his mind, regardless of how controversial or quirky it might be!

Here’s a snippet of a recent interview (and he’s still pretty f-ing hot!)

"I know that for the men's population of the Unites States, figure skating is a 'gay' sport and that's a misconception. There are so many straight athletes in figure skating. But I think it's the music and the costumes that turn most men off. Because they want to see, well, they want to see spandex-ed men hitting each others' ass and throwing a ball. It's very different."

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