Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Adding To The Collection

The entire month of May truly sucks as far as new release DVD’s are concerned. Nothing good is coming out all… nothing. Not even one thing! Thank God for older movies going on sale for ridiculously low-ass prices!!! I purchased some eight DVD’s yesterday, and hardly spent any money!!! Of the eight, there are only two that I’ve never seen before.

Smallville: Season 1
It’s hard to believe that I already didn’t have this box set. It just so happened that when I purchased seasons two, three, and four, we were out of the first season and never got anymore in. I wasn’t too worried about getting this one at the time I got the others because I had actually already seen all the episodes in the first season, as I was regularly watching TV at that time in my life. It’s just nice to have the complete set now. All I need now is for the fifth season to be released on DVD!!!

Karas: The Prophecy

This is one of the two movies that I had not previously seen. Quite an interesting anime! The graphics and animation were absolutely astounding… and the story was great too. It took me about 75% of the movie to understand what the hell was going on… and then just I was really getting into it, it just ends! Apparently this DVD is only the first half of the entire story. The second half isn’t going to be released until September. WTF!!!

Helen of Troy
This was actually a made for TV movie back in 2003. If I remember correctly, it was shown on the USA channel. I love Greek mythology, but the only real reason I watched this show back when it came on was because the guy who played Paris, Matthew Marsden, is unconditionally gorgeous!!! The story wasn’t great (wasn’t very much like Homer’s Illiad at all, but neither was the recent movie Troy), but damn that guy is so hot. Movies that suck but have good-looking guys is always a great reason to purchase them on DVD!

Les Miserables
I haven’t seen this movie in years!!! Such a wonderful story. Whenever I begin to lose my faith in humanity (remember, I work in retail and encounter some of the worst people on a daily basis), I think of this movie and how Jean Valjean, a completely heartless convict, transforms by a single act of mercy. The perfect example that everyone has the power and strength to truly change. Not to mention it stars Liam Neeson and Geoffery Rush, who are simply outstanding in the movie!

This the other movie that I hadn’t seen yet (and actually still haven’t). This is the original prequel to the Exorcist. A good friend, Nathan, swears that this movie is much better than the newest prequel the recently came out, Exorcist: The Beginning. So, I’m anxious to see if the movie truly stands up to the level of quality he’s lead me to believe that it is.

Top Gun
Yes, I hate, I hate, I hate Tom Cruise!!! Regardless of that though, this movie rocks! This is the typical 80’s movie… cliché dialogue and countless memorable quotes! I actually owned this DVD for quite some time, but I don’t know where it is. Someone jacked it, and then never returned it. I’m definitely gonna have to create a database or something for all who commandeer borrow my DVD’s.

Jason and the Argonauts
This was another made for TV movie created several years ago, but unlike Helen of Troy, this movie is definitely more inline with classic Greek mythology. And it too has a super hot lead actor in it, Jason London. One of the fantastic things about Jason London is the fact that he has a twin brother, Jeremy London. Imagine a three-way with the two of them!!!

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
I remember when this movie first came out. It received a lot of bad press. Basically, everyone said the movie sucked, and I believed them. So I never went to see it while it was in theaters. Months after it stopped showing at the theaters, Josh, guaranteed me that the movie was worth watching and made me a copy. I was shocked. The movie wasn’t super great, but it surely was good. I was most impressed! Very interesting take on a strange array of characters. Most enjoyable! Anyway, the copy he gave me lacked in quality, so I decided to actually purchase it! And despite what others may think, Sean Connery kicks ass!


Anonymous said...

I adore The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen... Althought the comics are better.

Frank said...

Barlow's Browser Now Works Again (for now...)

WTF is up with that? I suggest you reduce the amount of porn you download! :-P

I never really got into The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen comics, so I'll just take your word that they're better. :-)

DrugDealer said...

Yeh they're getting ready to start charging 30 bucks and up for those new blue ray discs.

Frank said...

To be honest, I've actually seen several HD dvd movies and blue ray movies... I personally find it difficult to see a difference. Certainly not a difference to justify the outrageous price for an HD dvd or blue ray player. I'll get the Playstation 3 when it comes out... it's supposed to be able to play both formats.