Thursday, October 08, 2009

Quiet Night With The Boys

Finally completed a pretty rough week at work and have the next two days off. I am pooped! Currently home alone with Apollo and Ares. Apollo seems very intrigued by his shadow, and Ares is making his never-ending rounds around the house over and over again.

I've decided to sit back and take it easy tonight - continue watching my new He-Man series (which I'm still completely impressed with) and a relaxing drink (a Mexican Martini with a red Sierra Mist variation.)

I downloaded a new app for the iPhone which appeared to be promising, yet has left me slightly disappointed. I downloaded an RSS Reader thinking it would be an easy way to keep up with my favorite blogs; however sites (i.e. Myspace and Facebook) are so damned protective with their RSS feeds. So be it then! I guess my new app will only help keep up with blogs from more traditional blog platforms.

Speaking of blogs, it's sad to see that some of my favorite blogs seem to have been abandoned... Which I don't have a lot of room to complain as I certainly haven't kept up with my blog the way I used to years ago (I'm trying to correct that now though.)

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