Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WTF Is Up With These Damn Prescription Costs

This is the medicine I take to stop a migraine currently in progress. I'd say that it is effective about 95% of the time in stopping a migraine dead in its tracks! This is pretty amazing for migraine medication!

In 2002, this prescription cost me $50 for 18 pills (about $2.78 per pill.) Yesterday, when I had this prescription re-filled, it cost me $85 for 9 pills (about $9.44 per pill!) WTF is up with that?!

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Troy said...

Do they have you on a preventative for your migraines? I used to take Elavil and I would rarely have to take the imitrex shots. Also you might try out biofeedback that is what worked wonders on me. I used frova at the beginning of the year it cost me $60 for 10 pills.

Frank said...

Since the Frova seems to work pretty flawlessly, I'm very hesitant to try something new. Did that once early last year with another medication, and the results were pretty severe on my health for a couple weeks.