Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Highly Productive Day

Wow… today seemed like a long ass day, but in retrospect I pretty much just wasted it away! I only had two things I needed to try to get done today (get the car’s oil changed and pay a speeding ticket), neither of which got accomplished. In fact, I even remember specifically telling Edward (check out his new addiction, the new MySpace profile) that I needed to really get these two things done today, but I’d probably end up wasting the day away. I was right. Instead, I slept most of the day while watching episodes of House interlaced with Children of Dune. That made for some fucked up interesting dreams!

I got to hang out with Jennifer a bit today. We went out to eat at some little Vietnamese place on the east side of town (great food!) She informed me that announced that The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. will soon be released on DVD! That show and more importantly, Bruce Campbell, are freaking awesome! That’s a definite must buy! Too bad it won't be out before the b-day; that would be the only gift I'd really want! Hehe!

Today’s Moment of Zen had to be on the car ride back to Jen’s place. Most of the time we have no problem with agreeing on what music to listen to (we like pretty much the same stuff), however she wanted to listen to Michelle Branch and I wanted to listen to Simple Plan. As we’re flipping through the XM channels trying to decide on which of us was gonna get our way, we stumbled across Foreigner’s I Want To Know What Love Is. It was a lot like that scene in Tommy Boy where they come across the Carpenters’ Superstar. Neither one wants to admit that they want to listen to it, but by the end of the song, they’re both singing it together!


Anonymous said...

I even remember specifically telling Edward (check out his new addiction, the new MySpace profile)

Loving that plug!


Frank said...

Hehe! I knew you'd enjoy that! :-P

Ron said...

Sure, when I sing that song to Jen, she rolls her eyes at me!

Frank said...

Well, you did have to sit through Foreigner to listen to Journey after all! :-P