Monday, February 27, 2006

Face Recognition Website

I found this really interesting website today, Essentially, you upload a picture, and the site uses face recognition algorithms that match you up to celebrities that the program determines that you closely match based on your facial features. Now the site was originally designed for genealogy purposes, but has been updated to match people up to celebrities.

Because we had nothing better to do today at work (unless you consider jacking goofing off to be busy, in which case we were completely overloaded as usual), we played around with it and got some pretty funny results:

My matches:
Tom Cruise – 64%
Denise Richards – 58%
Eminem – 51%
River Phoenix – 48%

Josh’s matches:
Matt Dillon – 57%
Russell Crow – 53%
Quentin Tarantino – 51%
Tom Berenger – 49%

Carla’s matches:
Elizabeth Taylor – 72%
Salma Hayek – 72%
Beyonce Knowles – 71%
Heather Locklear – 70%
Lindsay Lohan – 70%

Sean’s matches:
Sean William Scott – 67%
Tommy Lee Jones – 65%
Joshua Jackson – 60%
Gwyneth Paltrow – 58%
Tom Green – 57%


Anonymous said...

I did that one a while back. It told me I was the bastard love child of Judy Garland and Katherine Hepburn! :-/


Frank said...

Hehe! That's not really that unbelievable! :-P

Ron said...

I was Marc Anthony, Collin Farrel, and Mick Jagger! Jen was Tom Welling!?, Avril Lavigne, Christy Turlington, Kate Beckinsale, Alyson Hannigan, and Mariah Carey.

Frank said...

Haha! Jen gained like about 50 cool points for Tom Welling, but then lost like 2579135 points for Mariah Carey! :-P

DrugDealer said...

I am:

50 Cent (51%)
Victoria Adams (48%)
Jesse Metcalfe (48%)
Juliette Lewis (48%)
Jennifer Aniston (46%)

2 guys out of 5 ain't bad, right?

DrugDealer said...

OK, tried again with different photo:

I am:

Jada Pinkett Smith (64%)
David Beckham (62%)
Ayumi Hamasaki (62%)
Axl Rose (62%)
Camilla Parker Bowles (61%)
Steven Gerrard (60%)
Chet Baker (60%)
George Harrison (57%)
Michael Ballack (57%)
Graham Chapman (54%)

DrugDealer said...

Toni is:

Jang Nara (70%)
Amy Lee (68%)
Namie Amuro (63%)
Song Hye-kyo (61%)
Gong Li (58%)
Zhang Ziyi (57%)
Kate Winslet (55%)
Angelina Jolie (52%)

Frank said...

50 Cent!?!? Wow! I don't see that one at all! LOL! The other guy, Jesse Metcalfe, is pretty hot though... so good for you! :-P

I only recognize like 3 names from Toni's list! Hehe!