Wednesday, March 01, 2006

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Today was my last day at the store, as I’ve been promoted to another. I feel that the day should have been bitter sweet… saying goodbye to so many people I care about and see everyday, but getting a new job where I reign supreme (not just de facto, but also de jure.) That’s just not how the day felt though… it was just bitter, not sweet at all... it was just plain sad… I really just wasn’t that excited at all.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the opportunity to do more on a much larger scale in another store… I’m just not certain that particular things and certain situations were where I wanted them to be for the people I’m leaving behind. There’s some unfinished business that I hope will be handled the right way, but I can’t be certain of that since I won’t be there… I’m no longer able to protect many of the people I really care about from a lot the of unfair circumstances that constantly arise. That’s probably what’s most unsettling about this whole situation.


Rob Cas said...

Frank, I didn't know today was your last day...:(
Well, that just really sucks man. I'll miss your workplace antiks, although, we never really work together anyway...Well, good luck at your new store, we will have to hang out sometime most definately!

Frank said...

Yeah... it all happened pretty quickly. I was told (all the way up til yesterday) that it wasn't going to be until the 13th, but then yesterday I was told they wanted me to begin immediately.

I'm still around though, so just give me a ring if you ever wanna hang out! :-P

Siren said...

Good luck at your new store! We should go out and celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! And good luck!

In the new store will have you still have the chance to make your colleagues dance, film it and stick the footage on your blog? I like it when you do that!


celtgirl said...

Just bring everyone with you like you did the last time!!!

Enjoy the experience.

Frank said...

Siren - Thanks! We'll have to do that! :-D

Edward - Thanks! Oh yeah... this new store will not be spared my quirky shenanigans! There's definitely gonna be some new videos! Hehe!

Celtgirl - Thanks! I can't do that anymore, at least not to the same degree I did before. There was a major negative impact on the last store I raped of great people. :-P

lgl said...


Frank said...

It's not that bad... I don't mind the change overall... I just miss the people.