Friday, March 03, 2006

Superman Returns: The Videogame

Here is a quick little trailer on the new Superman videogame scheduled to be released in June. This game is gonna be absolutely awewome!!! I'm gonna have to get an XBox 360 now!

Click Here To Play

A brief game synopsis:

Witness Superman using his super powers to save Metropolis from Metallo, one of many classic super villains in Superman Returns: The Videogame. Inspired by the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures feature film and more than 60 years of DC Comics lore, the game creates the first multi-dimensional open-world super hero experience.

As the Man of Steel, you hone your unworldly super powers such as Flight, X-Ray Vision, Heat Vision, Super Hearing, Super Strength, Super Speed, and Super Breath to fight villains only Superman can defeat. Revolutionary new flight mechanics that give you full command of your aerial maneuvers. Explore and protect the truly living city of Metropolis, which is not only expansive (with 80 sq miles and more than 9,000 buildings), but also changes dynamically based on how you play the game: citizens run away in terror from newly erupting danger and exit their cars to cheer and snap photos as you fly overhead. Experience what it’s like to be Superman like never before with Superman Returns: The Videogame.


ROENTGEN said...

Wheee... that sounds like anuther Black & White experience. Too bad I'm such a Nintendo Geek ;o)

Siren said...

How's the new job going?

Frank said...

Bubbly Theater -
Yeah... I'm a big Nintendo geek too! I was hoping that this game was gonna be released on the new Nintendo Revolution, but it appears that it'll only be on the XBox 360.

Siren - Kinda sucks! :-P