Thursday, June 30, 2005

Another Day Off Bites The Dust

It seems that when I get a day off of work that falls on a week day, I pretty much do nothing. Take today for example. I didn't even get out of bed until 4pm. I didn't get dressed until 5:30pm. I just wasted the day away. The worst part about it is that I actually have quite a few things I need to do... I just haven't done them.

I need to make an appointment with an optometrist so I can get some new contacts. I've had these contacts since Episode I. I also need to make an appointment with an oral surgeon so I can get my jaw checked. I'm still driving around on fubar tire #2... it needs to get replaced before it explodes and kills me. Oh hell... I also need to get my oil changed too (just thought of that now)!

My entire day wasn't a complete waste though. I did go to CVS and pick up some things... deodorant, shaving gel, etc... I purchased some more Adidas: Dynamic Pulse body spray. I can't wear cologne, it gives me migraines, but I can use body spray. Troy got me hooked on the Adidas products... he uses the Adidas: Sport Fever and he always smells amazing!

Anyway, my day has really just started. I'll probably try to go to the gym tonight and perhaps even do some cleaning around the house... then I won't feel so bad for lounging around all day doing nothing!

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