Friday, June 10, 2005

New Nightclub... in Pflugerville!?

So I'm on my way to the gym a few hours ago. I go down Grand Avenue Pkwy in Pflugerville because there's typically very little traffic on this road... so I use it to go pretty much everywhere. Anyway, tonight I was horrified to see that the road backed up for miles! Cars were parked all over the place... to tell you the truth, I haven't seen that many park cars since I was at Disney World. Apparently a new club grand opened tonight... Graham Central Station.

What I find amusing is the fact that there's a club in Pflugerville. I guess you'd have to live in Pflguerville to understand the irony with this. Pflugerville is an ultra-conservative town... and I do say 'town.' There are what, 15000 people approximately living here. This town is about 97% residential. There aren't even many businesses here... they're all in Austin or Round Rock. So for a club to open here is pretty radical!

It appears that this Graham Central Station is actually six clubs in one, so there's only one cover charge. The clubs consist of: Denim & Diamonds Country Dance Nightclub (Favorite Country Dance and Live Music), Alley Cats (Karoke show bar), Choppers (70s, 80s, 90s, and some fun Party Rock), Wildcats (Wild girls dancing on the bar and slinging liquor), Live Room (Featuring local Austin bands, and providing them a place to be seen and heard), & Club Z (Top 40 dance club.) I guess I'm going to have to check it out sometime!


Troy said...

hehe That's cool they opened up a Grahams with more diversity, there was one in Odessa, and it had the 6 club thing but I swear all of them were either latino or country.

lgl said...

yeah i knew this was coming cause i found it on the internet awhile back. my cousins were very excited to check it out but they will have to wait until Wed or Thurs, the only 18+ nights. I dont see myself being a frequent. It would be awesome if one of the 6 clubs they opened was a gay club, now that would give pville something to talk about!