Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Ban Is Lifted

So it appears that the ban on ephedra has been lifted. I'm not really into taking drugs or anything, but I am glad it is once again available to the public... not because I think it's great drug or supplement (I don't have any opinion on it actually), but rather I'm opposed to the government dictating what people can and can't have... what people can and can't do.

Yes, I do have an oppositional defiant issue. I don't like being told what to do, especially by the government. I can't stand laws that are in place to protect me from myself. If I want to be irresponsible and hurt myself, I should have the right to do that (as long as no one else is affected adversely).

Funny story... one of my friends is an active substance supplier (ok, drug dealer) as a secondary source of income. Just for the record, I personally don't take any illegal drugs or ever have, but I don't judge him for what he does on the side. Anyway, he is without doubt the worst drug dealer ever! Anytime someone calls him for some stuff, he's never available and always forgets to return the call or check his voicemail! How do you make money if you're never available to sell your product?

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lgl said...

"oppositional defiant issue"Is this a real psychological disorder? I thikI have it!