Saturday, August 13, 2005

Driving Mom Home

Yesterday after work, I had to pick my mom up from my aunt’s house (it’s only like 4 miles away from where I work), and take her home. So needless to say, I made an extra effort to drive more conservatively while she was in the car (she already thinks I’m the dark angel of death by the way I drive.)

So, everything goes very smoothly. Luckily, we left just before rush hour traffic started to pick up (so no road rage on my part!) The total trip from my aunt’s house to my mom’s is about 45 miles.

So, we finally hit Hutto (we’re now only about 5 miles from my mom’s house) when we finally hit traffic that is dead stopped! A damn train was passing through and decided to simply stop on the tracks over the road! We probably sat there, stopped, for about 15 minutes before the train finally decided to get back on its way.

One thing to know about Hutto is that they have ridiculously slow speed limits. The highway we were traveling went from 60 mph in Pflugerville to 35 mph in Hutto (a highway!!!) It’s REALLY hard to go 35 mph on that road… any time I go to my mom’s house alone, I go 50 mph down it… but she was in the car and I’ve seen Hutto pigs pull people over on this road, so I went 35 mph (it was so painful!)

We probably travel about a quarter of a mile down this road when all of a sudden this car cuts me off going about 75 mph down the road. My mom tells me to go ahead and go faster because she said that the cops would pull that jack ass over first. So I speed up (a lot!) I get to the point where I finally catch up to the car that passed me (we’re going about 85 mph now.)

All of a sudden, I realize that the car in front of me looks familiar… it was Kristy, my youngest sister! LMAO! My mom was SO pissed at her! I just dropped my mom off… I didn’t stay to watch the fireworks. Hell, I was just happy she wasn't bitching about my driving for a change! LOL!


The Seeker said...

That is funny as hell. Way to go sis... you won't hear about your driving for a long while... and when you do. Just say. I don't drive like my sister... haha

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