Saturday, August 06, 2005


Night is wearing on me
Despair from past mistakes
Feeling alone now, bathed in sadness
Soaring down, a fall from grace

Empty feelings overtake me
How can I continue on?
A life so full of chaos
From bad choices, sin, and wrong

My heart was once so innocent
With your light shining through
I took that light for granted
Turned my back on love so true

Will you ever forgive me
Or must I pay the cost?
Does this fallen angel have such hope?
Or am I forever lost?

Not knowing where to turn
Someone has shown me the way
Are you waiting on me
To call your name today?

So on my knees I pray with fever
For forgiveness from you
Will you love me once again?
What more can I do?

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Mad Munkey said...

Are they EVER going to put out another album? WTF?