Saturday, August 20, 2005

Things Left To Do

The year is approaching its end (hell, there’s over 4 months left still, but time will fly by… it always does), and there are several things that I definitely know I’m going to get done by year's end:
  • Swimming… I love to swim. I need to get into a routine where I’m swimming on a regular basis. I’ve always found it to be completely relaxing!
  • I need to get some discrepancies removed from my credit report. From what I can tell, the two negative items on it are not accurate. I’m really close to having a superior credit rating; I just need to retain some legal services to get these inaccuracies removed.
  • I want my six-pack back on a more consistent basis! It comes and goes in about a 3-day rotation. I simply want to maintain it! In all fairness, it won’t take me the rest of the year to achieve this… rather about one week. I just need to maintain the high level of cardio exercise that I’ve been doing (since I eat like a garbage disposal!)
  • Begin fencing again. I need to find someone genuinely interested in learning it. I have a great wealth of knowledge in the area; it’s just not a big sport in TX. It’ll also be fun to take my aggressions out on someone by beating the hell out of them with an epee, foil, or saber (guaranteed to leave welts!) Surely someone wants to learn the dark art!
  • Get some new contact and glasses prescriptions. I’ve got a great vision plan I pay for each month, I need to use the service! Besides, it’s been nearly 3 years since I got my prescription for my glasses renewed, and almost 5 years since I had my contact prescription updated!
  • Move closer to work. Let’s face it, gas prices are jacked! I spend $35 every 4-5 days fueling my car! That’s about $270 a month (about $150 more than I’m use to!) I also won’t be required to wake up at the ass crack of dawn to try to beat rush hour traffic.
  • Finally get my car fixed! Damn… the rear has only been jacked up since March! I’m tired of looking at it! I just need to find some time (and gather the money) to just get it done! I want my car to look hot again!
  • Register for spring classes. My company just brought back tuition reimbursement last week. Ever since then, the thought has constantly been on my mind! I’ve got a great job with decent hours and good pay… and if they’ll also pay for me to go to school on top of that, then I think I’ll do it!


Elemmaciltur said...

Wow, you fence? My brother used to do that when he was still in the states. I would love to learn it...there's not but...only that I'm not really searching...and I don't think I am in any condition to do any sports.'ve got six-packs? *sexy* *LOL*

The Seeker said...

Nice goal list. How about with a pirate cutlass? lol

Frank said...

Elemmaciltur - Yeah, haven't fenced in awhile. It's not exactly a popular sport in Texas though (football is god here!)

Seeker - I actually own a cutlass (as well as about 25 different kind of swords!) LOL!

celtgirl said...

You go! I LOVED the list. If you need any help from me to get any of it accomplished - I'm here.
Now I think I need to make my own list. You can be very motivating without knowing it.
Love ya.

lgl said...

you mean fall classes -question mark-

I miss you!

I am taking some classes at ACC and-or-UT - What do you need to take -- maybe we can take some classes together