Wednesday, August 24, 2005


So like looks as if this tagging thing has become popular in the blogging world! I’ve been tagged twice now. First by Drunkbh (I haven’t forgot about your tag!), and then by Seeker.

For Drunkbh, list five songs that you are currently digging - it doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions and the five songs (with artist) in your blog:
  1. Simple Plan – Welcome To My Life (I love Simple Plan!)
  2. Simple Plan – Untitled (Just like I said before, I LOVE Simple Plan!)
  3. Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger (Ok, yes… I just got done watching a Rocky Marathon!)
  4. Stevie B – Because I Love You (Great song… featured in a dumb-ass early nineties movie that was really horrible, Double Dragon… yes, just like the video game)
  5. Rihanna – Pon De Replay (the bass in this song sounds awesome in my car!)

For Seeker, Seven Things I…

…Plan to do before I die
  1. Live
  2. Finish school
  3. Settle all family affairs (I’m not going to elaborate much on this other than to say it means something else than what it sounds like… those who have seen the Godfather would understand!)
  4. Visit Skywalker Ranch!!!
  5. Have a great, meaningful long-term relationship with someone who won’t treat me like shit.
  6. Find happiness
  7. Use at least 75% of my brain!

…Things I Can Do
  1. Be weird
  2. Walk the road less traveled (er… maybe the same thing as weird)
  3. Change the XM with my remote control, text message on my cell phone, and drive during rush hour traffic… all at the same time.
  4. Say the dumbest thing at the most inopportune time!
  5. Listen to two conversations at the same time and understand both thoroughly.
  6. Read most people like a book (comes in really handy as a sales person!)
  7. Speak with a authoritative vocabulary!

…Things I Can’t Do
  1. Make the registration pop-up for my new video card stop appearing on startup.
  2. Fly, X-Ray Vision, Bullet-proof, Superhuman strength
  3. Walk on water
  4. Fix the world
  5. Die, or so legend has it.
  6. Let a good thing stay good (always find a way to fuck something up)
  7. Keep my big, fucking mouth shut

…Things that attract me to the opposite sex
  1. Since I’m gay, I should get to skip this one!!! I’ll go ahead and try to make do with it, but I’m using this entire statement as an answer… and since I’m talking about girls, the other answers are going to be boring!
  2. Eyes… very important!
  3. Humor... have to be able to make me laugh!
  4. Intelligent… don’t like bimbos!
  5. Is this over yet… um… let’s see… a nice smile!
  6. Humor II… have to laugh at my jokes!
  7. Ultimately… I need a guy, not a woman! Though I’ve been with women, it’s not the same as a guy. Guys have a much better understanding of the male anatomy… enough said!

…Things I say most
  1. Bitch be cool!
  2. Fuck (I bet this is a common one!)
  3. Fantastic!
  4. Just what I needed!
  5. Whatever!
  6. You don’t know the power of the darkside (as geeky as it is, I say this at least 5 times on any given day… usually more)
  7. Imagine that!

…Celebrity crushes
  1. Cillian Murphy (hot!)
  2. Jesse McCartney (hot!)
  3. Josh Duhamel (hot!)
  4. Pierre Bouvier (hot!)
  5. Chris Evans (hot!)
  6. James McAvoy (hot!)
  7. Julian McMahon (hot!)

…People I want to take this quiz – Ah ha! I won’t tag anyone else… the STD stops with me! LOL! :-D


drunkbh said...

I thought you forgot about me.

Frank said...

Never! :-P

Anonymous said...

Julian McMahon is hot frank, i so hope he is the new bond