Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dreadful Doom Movie

After reading about five great reviews on the new Doom movie, I fully expected the movie to at least be decent… so against my better judgment, I went to see it earlier today.

It was just as bad as I had anticipated before reading the reviews. Lesson learned… stop reading movie reviews! These people have lost there freaking minds!!!

In all fairness, there was one really great scene near the end of the movie that looked just like the classic Doom PC game. So if you’ve ever enjoyed playing the original game, you’ll get a kick out of that scene… that only lasts for about three minutes!

My recommendation… don’t go to the movie… instead, go purchase Doom 3 for PC. I’m certain you’ll be much more pleased with it rather than the movie. Better yet... if you're desperate for a great movie, wait for the new Harry Potter movie next month!!! That movie is going to kick ass!


Ron said...

I told you! I told you, but NOOOOOOOO, you had to see for yourself!

Frank said...

You see entirely way too many movies because you work at a movie theater... your judgment has become tainted with anger and fear... thus, it can no longer be trusted! Hehe! :-P

Pred said...

While my brother and I were in LA 2 weeks ago, we were offered tickets to see a pre-screening of Doom. Even though it wasn't released yet and was free we didn't go, that's how bad we thought it would be.

Frank said...

LOL! Well, your instincts were completely correct!

Pretty much all of the movies based on video games suck!

One that could be great... The Legend of Zelda! :-D