Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New Release Tuesday

It's been a LONG while since a great DVD has been released. All the film companies have been waiting closer to the holiday season to release their "quality" products. Needless to say, Batman Begins was on the top of my DVD shopping list for the day. Anyway, I totally forgot that He-Man, Season I, Volume I (first 33 episodes) was also being released today!!!

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I always kinda wondered about He-Man... was he gay? Of course he was!!! That's what I like most about the cartoon! Hehe!

Every now and then when battling Skeletor, He-Man seemed to take an extra long hold of Skeletor's buttocks! LOL!

But what about Teela? Weren't He-man and her an item? Well, no! The only thing He-man liked about Teela was her stud of a father, Man-At-Arms. Ever notice how He-man always, excuse the pun, seemed to blow her off in favor of the men in their posse?

I mean, look at He-Man's dual identities... One minute he's the timid, effeminate Prince Adam, the classic 'Nancy-boy'... The next minute he's He-man, every gay man's sexual fantasy. He's a muscular, tanned, loincloth wearing stud.


Evilfairy said...

Good point...hadn't thought of He-Man like that before.

Ron said...

He-Man is the most homoerotic cartoon I've ever seen! I think Adam was gay, but He-Man was straight...explain that one.