Friday, October 28, 2005

The Phantom Zone

So I had a completely weird dream last night… first off, I find it even more strange that I remembered my dream. Haven’t done that in a really long time… I just assumed I stopped dreaming! Hehe! Anyway, my dream was about being stuck in the Phantom Zone. For those wondering, WTF… the Phantom Zone is that weird twilight dimension discovered by Superman's father, Jor-El. Kryptonian criminals were banished to the Phantom Zone to serve out their sentences as disembodied wraiths. Inside, the exhiled inhabitants exist in a phantom state… unaging… requiring no food… air… or water… communicating with one another telepathically.

How did this shit get in mind? Probably because I was watching Superman II last night at the store. Jor-El and the Kryptonian Council sentenced General Zod and his two lackeys, Ursa and Non, to spend eternity in the Phantom Zone for their crime of sedition. Anyway, they are able to observe everything that takes place in the physical universe - either on Earth or in outer space - even though they cannot be seen or heard themselves. So in the comic book, all the inhabitants of the Phantom Zone, including General Zod, have learned that Superman is secretly Clark Kent by observing Superman from inside the Phantom Zone. I’ve always wondered why this fact was never in the movie.

I don’t know whether I’m more excited about actually seeing the next Harry Potter movie, or the trailer that’s been promised to play before that movie (the Superman Returns trailer.)


Siren said...

this post seems familiar- did you write about this before???

Frank said...

I've discussed it several times before with people, but never put anything about it in post before! :-P

Siren said...

I'm pretty sure I've seen this posted before!

Frank said...

LOL!!! All the posts are archived... here are the only times I've even posted about Superman:

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So like I told you before... I haven't posted anything on this topic before... but I may have talked you about it. :-P

Siren said...

GODAMMIT! You didn't talk to me about it!!!

Frank said...

Bitch, be cool! LOL! :-P