Monday, October 10, 2005

Finding Abby Road

As I searched through a box full of dvd's that I've yet to put up, simply because I have nowhere to put them at the moment, I ran across something I thought I had lost several years ago… my Abby Road cd. Why is this a big deal you may wonder. It's an old album. For the most part, I don't even listen to cd's anymore, it's all about the XM now. There is something special about Abby Road to me though. I love the Beatles, this is true... and they've made countless of other albums I enjoy.

For this one though I find it astonishing, given the hostile and bitter feelings the members of the group bore for one another at the time of its recording, that this album was ever made. The fact that it is easily one of the greatest ever recorded, by them or any other group, is no less than a small miracle. Even more amazing to me is the fact of how hopeful the entire album sounds. It always has a way of lifting my spirits whenever I'm down, even when I'm feeling perfectly fine. Always guaranteed to get a smile!


Siren said...

I lOVE this album. It's like it tells a story..

Frank said...

Of course... this album is fucking spectacular!